Copy Quick

Specialized Solutions for the Unique Needs of the Legal Profession     

Client Confidentiality
Confidentiality is one of the most important demands made by our clients in the legal profession. We ensure that all our multifunction copiers are password protected and that only authorized personnel can access the machine on the office network. Past usage can also be monitored and unusual usage trends flagged.   

Record Keeping
We understand that law offices require significant record keeping and document storage. We offer our clients fast scanning and scan-to-email features on all our copiers to allow for robust digital record keeping. Redundancy and retreival of records becomes much easier with this electronic file storage system.   

Printing Costs
The large volume of paper that law offices process can add up to a significant part of office expenses. Through our copiers, we not only beat the competition by up to 65% in copier pricing, we also offer the minimum price per impression possible on service. We also guarantee that we will match our competitor’s pricing.   

Transference of Printing Costs
All of our machines enable our law firm clients to chart the paper usage for each of their clients, enabling them to dcument the costs of printing accurately and facilitate accurate billings, thereby reducing office expenses significantly.
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Q: What makes buying a copier so much more economical than leasing?
Many lessees use less than 12% of a copier’s life but pay for 75%-85% of its original value, plus the finance charges.
We buy copiers for 75%-85% less than your best discounted price and refurbish them to like-new condition.  As a result, we can offer you a $15,000 copier for $5,000 or less. 

If it’s so much less expensive to buy rather than lease a copier, why do firms do it?
A: Three reasons:
First, the attractiveness of just making a monthly payment instead of a capital expenditure.
Second, some firms enjoy the luxury of passing on “the cost of doing business” to their clients.
Third, many firms that should be concerned about their overhead are often unaware of solutions like ours and are persuaded into taking short-term leases because of the apparent ease and convenience.

Q: How much does it cost to lease a copy machine over a three year period?
A: A lessee, who typically uses only 12%  of the useful life of a copier, pays more than 100% of the sales price on a 3 year lease. Leasing companies typically calculate your payments based on 76.5% of the original price, plus the finance charges, which are often more than a 20% equivalent annual interest rate.

Q: Are the returned machines in good condition?
A: About 20% of all leased copiers are returned after three years hardly used!  Most machines have a conservative useful life of 750,000 copies. We purchase only the lowest meter lease returns - machines with 20,000 – 199,000 original copies on them. Our machines have 70% – 95% of their useful life remaining when we sell them.

Q: What do you do to the copiers before you resell them?
We refurbish to like-new tolerances. We replace all worn parts and make all required adjustments. We can then guarantee all parts and supplies for as long as we maintain the copier, and you get a guaranteed low cost per page.